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Shipping & Returns


1. Safety Transportation security: If you ordered the items and money, and we hope that the information and process orders received within 24 hours, and this was collected package goods, the associated transport companies and transport of goods.

2. The package will then international shipping way EMS, DHL, and other options can be taken after confirm delivery. After sending the order, you can get a tracking number and e-mail URLs can be registered by it on our website. If the product is in stock, can be obtained in 5-8 days.

3. Make sure that you provide the correct information, such as customer, address, e-mail, telephone and the like. We want to use this information to send the goods to you, so make sure 100% correct.

4. tracking number, you can follow the course of the contract. Ensure safe transportation. If you do not receive the package, please contact us from the day we sent within one month, we will refund your full payment.

Returns and Exchanges

We make every effort to ensure 100% satisfaction. To request a refund, you must contact the customer service department and report the reasons returned. All items must be returned to us with all labels and tags complete original state: not used, unused, change or cleaning, within 30 days, you can return the requirements beyond the time limit will not return or exchange the cost of return shipping and replacement by the customer back.

In return:

You can return within 7 days of receipt of the back, all the returned items never used in the new state. All returned packages must be insured. When it comes to return to the correct position of the refund: all returned items by 15% restocking fee. Buyer is always responsible for shipping costs.

In the bag:

Changes apply only to new projects to be accepted, and never with all accessories and packaging. In the 7 days of receiving the returned item. All return packages must be insured, exchanges will be shipped in 5-7 days after receipt of the return. Buyer is always responsible for shipping costs.

Important hint:

1. Although they offer free transport policy does not include the return shipping costs. Since the consumption of time and money, you will understand, if you can make all your questions and concerns clear before placing their orders.

2. Please first contact customer service in order to obtain the return address.

3. Do not return the parcel to send, receive original post should remain on-demand compensation for any loss or lost.

Cancel the order

Before the command has been sent, you must request to cancel the order. Because it will process all orders within 12-24 hours as soon as possible so that they after ordering, always unable to cancel the order after the introduction. If the request is canceled after delivery, orders will be processed in accordance with the return policy. I hope you can understand in this key point.

Your satisfaction is our pursuit, if you want more information about our products, please contact with us freely, we will fix it as soon as possible.